Lights, Camera, Click, Touch!

India is the undisputed global champion when it comes to movie making - with the release of 3000+ movies in a year and prolific national and regional movie industries.

It is the third largest country in terms of Internet users globally. A recent IAMAI-IMRB survey has pegged the Indian Internet user base at 150 million.

India also has a rapidly increasing mobile internet subscriber base - a recent estimate has put the number of smartphone users in the country at 27 million.

While the country now has a number of major Internet businesses and portals across categories such as e-commerce, news, travel, and more - there is no standout property around movies. And that made us wonder why.

For this year's case study, we invite teams to bring us innovative business ideas at the intersection of movies and the Internet/mobile. Your task is to build an innovative product that marries the 2 elements into a viable, exciting, funding-worthy, and scalable venture. Specifically, we want your presentation (size of the presentation should be less than or equal to 25 PowerPoint / PDF slides excluding appendices) to provide answers to the following questions:

1) What exactly is your product?

Explain exactly what your product does and how it works. We strongly urge you to create mocks, diagrams, and provide details about your product that will help a layman person understand how it works (you may want to consider using tools such as Balsamiq to help with your visualization). Please note that we're not asking you for a detailed technology implementation; rather, we want to understand whether you've thought about the most important aspects of your product.

2) Who will use your product?

A product is meaningless without a viable customer base. Explain who will use your product and why. Detail the market segments, user populations, adoption curves, market sizes – details that will allow us to understand the size and nature of your market.

3) How will you distribute your product?

Tell us how you will get your product in front of the target audience. For example, you may want to tell us about marketing plans, partnerships, promotions, digital/traditional media activities - or any other manner of promotions you will employ to enable your audience to discover and use your product.

4) How will you make money from your product?

We would like you to be very specific here. For example, tell us about development and marketing costs, pricing models, revenues, ARPUs, user acquisitions partner ecosystems, freemium models, etc - essentially all the elements of your monetization and financial model. Here, we will be looking to judge the viability of your assumptions and whether your business model has any legs. If your revenues are too high/low and your assumptions are impractical - you'll want to revisit your financial model and perhaps even your product. As a small hint consider the data on this link ( which talks about how often various mobile applications are used.

And that's pretty much it. Remember you have 25 pages of PowerPoint/PDF to provide us with answers to these questions and for a chance to win serious bragging rights as you compete across some of the top B-schools in the country for a treasure trove of exciting prizes including cash, iPods, and more.

Your presentations will be judged on the following parameters.

  • Is your product innovative yet user-worthy (have you blended the unique flavors of mobile, movies, and Internet together into a heady product cocktail)?
  • Is your business case sensible and well thought-out (a 100 gigabillion people will use my product *Dr. Evil Grin*)?
  • Can you get the review and judging panel excited about your product and business model (if they were angel investors or venture capitalists would they cut you a cheque)?
© 2009. Directi Group. All Rights Reserved.
© 2009. Directi Group. All Rights Reserved.